Qué es Quick Shopping

QS is a system that gets rid of wasting time in long queues when unloading the bought products.

Our technology is based in an autonomous kit added to the structure of the kart. It is able to identify a product, reading its bar code, and to deactivate the antishoplifting mechanism. This kit is continuously connected to the central server for data exchanging, display information referring to articles and extra services as goods on offer advertising. This smart cart is fully autonomous.

The new QS provides customers with several advantages

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    • No need to empty out the kart for its control in front of the cash
    • Long queues before arriving to the cash counter come to the end. This fact involves saving time in the payment area. The client knows the total amount of the shopping.
    • Absolute control over products due to weight and antishoplifting system
    • Powerful commercial argumentation for the firm who installs in order to make customers loyal.
    • Guarantee of accessing the last updated prices
    • Advertising on the kit's display
    • Allows optional functions as for example helping guide for the customer through the shopping area
    • Suitable for invalid persons as it can be supplied with a sound system to identify products
  • A basic purchase cycle
    • The customer picks a product and passes it in front of the bar code reader.
    • Since the server has recognized the good, it sends the information (prices, specifications) about it to the kit.
    • The kit deactivates the antishoplifting system (based in radiofrequency labels) stuck on the item and shows the total value , offers..

Once the purchase is finished the client gets through a control that will guide him to a special cash desk if there is no antishoplifting controller active. On the contrary the gate will head him off to the cash counter where they will proceed as with the usual kart.

Then it is only paying, unload the collected articles in the car, return the kart to its place and leave.



Advertising is a powerful commercial tool for big stores and shops.

QS is designed to show advertising and offers in an individual way. After a limited time without any purchase registered the user receives information about items in offer or/and the ones the shop wants to promote.

This system is dynamic so that publicizing or offers displayed change constantly every certain time.

How to use QS

QS advantages

Decreasing shrinkage
Best service
No more queues

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