Quick Shopping advantages


The uncontrolled shrinkage reaches a high percentage over the total invoicing of stores.

This quantity reaches high values that can be reduced by means of different levels of antishoplifting. The QS kit combines three control levels that, face to every irregularity, bends the customer to a conventional cash desk

  • Weight

During the purchase cycle the weight of each acquired item is registered. When the purchase is finished the client goes to the weight area before the cash desk. Here is where both the measured weight and the theoretical weight registered in the database are compared automatically. In case the difference is higher than the allowed tolerance, the client will be routed to a usual cash.

  • EAS labels

The products that will support a EAS security label EAS ( Electronic Article Surveillance) is up to the store's choice. The QS user must be sure that every product he takes has been read by the code bar reader. Then, after verifying that it is a right article this is registered and the label is deactivated.

When coming through the antenna in the area before the cash desk once again the system checks the existence of any label non deactivated, that means, a non registered article.

  • Working with the video surveillance system

In case the security responsible of the store notices any irregularity during the purchase he is able to warn the system about that the client is not allowed to pay in QS cash desk


The client gets benefits regarding the following points:

  • More comfort. This is an easier way as it is not necessary to unload the karts content in the cash desk to be invoiced. Additionally it must be considered the effort done while product handling not only for the client but for the store’s workers also that sometimes suffer pains directly caused by this continuous exercise.

  • The customer can calculate his purchasing time without considering the time employed in unloading, registration , invoicing and loading again in the kart.


Queues are prevented in this area due to the fact that the client must do nothing but paying in the cash desk, The kart amount in the rest of counters will also decrease.

The QS user has more time to buy as he gets rid of a non determined time waiting.

The client leaves the store more satisfied as doesn’t perceive the feeling of wasting time. Consequently he will be loyal.

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